Product and Service Overview

Wearable sensors and smart devices are used to detect the movement of people and objects, as well as to estimate their position by measuring the radio signal strength from Bluetooth beacons attached to pillars, shelves, and ceilings.
This is a system that increases productivity by determining “when”, “where”, “what” as well as reassessing work and flow lines based on data analysis.
In the case of smart devices, the system switches to GPS when outdoors and seamlessly displays the location. Furthermore, still and moving images can be uploaded to the server and stored by linking the position and image.
The server can be used with both on-premises and cloud solutions.

Product and Service Features

By simply carrying wearable sensors and smart devices in your pocket, it is possible to determine what you are doing. Beacons operate on batteries and do not need to be connected to a network, so they can be installed anywhere.
When the collected data from the sensors approaches the gateway, it is automatically gathered and stored on the server. For smart devices, data is transferred directly via WiFi or mobile networks.
This system allows you to not only track people but also locate objects. Mobile beacons are attached to forklifts and other equipment to receive radio signals at close range, and when not walking, it is automatically assumed that they are on board the vehicle, such as a forklift.


Our analysis tools are packaged and ready to use.
We provide features such as step counting, flow lines, heatmaps, gait analysis, and so on. Additionally, data can be exported to CSV format for analysis with BI tools.

Installation Costs

Both hardware and software are available as perpetual or with the option of subscription-based software.
We also offer rental plans with different durations.
Have you given up on indoor positioning systems because of their high price or the installation required?
We can offer lower installation costs than competing companies, so please contact us to inquire about our installation fees.